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About Us

Chaplain Services, Inc. (CSI) was formed to facilitate pastors, church leaders, and institutions with with education and providing pastoral services to parishioners and clients deal with life's pitfalls.

CSI provides services to local churches through providing premarital and marital workshops. We also provide workshops on end-of-life issues in order to help parishioners’ better cope with grief.  Also we gives them the tools needed to understand and take care of their loved ones experiencing various end of life crises.

Our services include:

  • providing marriage and premarital workshops
  • providing families with information (materials) about grief issues surrounding terminally ill patients
  • offering workshops on many issues regarding the process of dying and its effects on both, those who are terminally ill and family members

Our Mission:

The mission of Chaplain Services, Inc. is to provide quality spiritual care to our communities and the various agencies whom we serve.

Executive Director


Shawn Edwards started Chaplain Services with the vision to help people to find peace in the mist of crisis. In 1992 Shawn Edwards graduated from Southwestern Christian University with a B.S. in Biblical Studies. He earned a Master in Divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary in 1996. He completed four units of C.P.E. from Memorial Hermann Hospital. Shawn Edwards completed one unit of C.P.E. at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Click here to email Chaplain Edwards.  


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